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AWLGRIP Topcoat finishes are the top choice for yacht professionals for various reasons. Firstly, they offer an exceptional gloss and color retention that lasts for years. Moreover, these topcoats are highly durable and resistant to weathering, chemicals, and abrasion. Topcoats Awlgrip also provide excellent UV protection, ensuring the yacht’s exterior remains in pristine condition. Furthermore, they are easy to apply and provide an even, consistent finish. Additionally, AWLGRIP Topcoat are available in a wide range of colors, offering plenty of options for customization. They are also compatible with a variety of substrates, including metal, fiberglass, and wood. Moreover, all topcoats Awlgrip are designed to be used in a complete coating system, ensuring maximum protection and performance. Finally, these topcoats are trusted by yacht professionals worldwide, making them the go-to choice for the most demanding applications.
The AWLGRIP mixing system is designed to provide an extensive range of color options for yachting professionals. With over 17,000 colors available, it’s easy to find the perfect shade to match any boat design or personal preference. This vast range of colors allows for complete customization, ensuring that every yacht has a unique and personalized finish. The mixing system also allows for precise color matching, ensuring consistency across different coatings and applications. This ensures that yachts maintain their color and visual appeal over time. With AWLGRIP, yacht owners can be confident that they have access to an unparalleled range of color options to create their ideal finish.

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