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Troton Jachting - paint mixing plant

A few words about our company

Troton Sp.z o.o. is a reliable partner that offers you a choice of yacht paints that meet your expectations. The range of products offered includes both specialized and extremely durable paints designed for the most luxurious vessels, through functional products to the most economical solutions. Since 2022, Troton has been the exclusive distributor in Poland of the world’s premium brands International and Awlgrip, and since 2009 it has offered its own brand Sea-Line.

Troton was founded in 1978 in northwestern Poland. It currently has a team of about 200 employees. The company complies with ISO 9001 and 14001, and the quality of management is confirmed by TFS audits. All business processes are planned and executed by SAP.

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Awlgrip’s superior paint resistance and durability is appreciated by megayacht, superyacht and luxury yacht manufacturers around the world. Awlgrip provides a choice of color from 17,000 existing formulations, and can also create any color on demand. Colors are available in a solid palette and with metallic and pearl effects. The full support of the manufacturer’s experts and distributor is a guarantee of a flawless job.

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International paints are designed for both professional and hobby use. For more than a century, International has been creating the most innovative coating solutions to protect, beautify and improve the performance of all types of boats. International provides the most comprehensive solutions above and below the waterline. The range includes functional paints like multi-season anti-fouling or paints designed to protect specific spaces on a yacht like bilges and interiors.

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Sea-Line Sea-Line Logo

Sea-Line products quality and price have been positively verified by Polish shipyards being the world leader in laminate yacht production and by hobbyists in Europe looking for budget and reliable solutions. Sea-Line is a complete system of yacht paints and boatbuilding materials useful at every stage of boat construction, repair and maintenance. A special group of products offered by the Sea-Line brand are polishes created in cooperation with major yacht and laminate manufacturers.

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Mieszalnia farb jachtowych

Paint mixing plant for boats and yachts

The only mixing system of Awlgrip and International paints, in Eastern and Central Europe. Looking for original solutions and interesting colors, our company offers as many as 17,000 paint colors. Our system allows you to create solid, metallic and pearl colors. You have the ability to create custom colors and search for the most up-to-date product formulations.

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Why is it worth trusting Troton Yachting?

For every sailor, the yacht is the apple of his eye, so choosing the right paint for maintenance is of paramount importance. Troton Yachting makes every effort to meet the high standards and expectations of its customers. Therefore, we focus on top-shelf products of excellent quality, thanks to which your yacht will regain its shine.

Troton Yachting – why is it worth trusting us?

We are a company that offers a wide range of yacht paints, such as Awlgrip PU, that meet the expectations of yachting experts. As well we have durable specialist paints, designed for the most luxurious yachts. We are also one of the few companies in Europe that prides itself on having a yacht paint mixing plant in our possession and use! We combine yacht paint colors for you.

In our store you will find Awlgrip products, one of the most distinguished yacht brands. We also have the International brand and its wide range of products. Also check out Sea-line products, which include a complete system of yacht paints and building materials. With us, you will choose the right products that will be an essential element of construction or maintenance for your boat.

Yacht paint mixing room – mix with colors!

The Troton yachting company, as one of the few companies in Poland and Europe, deals with mixing yacht paints and combining various colors, thanks to which you do not have to limit yourself to ready-made colors. A palette of colors and amazing shades is at your fingertips.

A yacht paint mixing plant in Poland will allow you to design an individual yacht or boat styling, thanks to which your project will be unique. We will combine the colors of yacht paints and create a new, personalized paint, 100% tailored to your needs. Use our services today and enjoy the individual design of your paint.

Awlgrip PU paints – proven products

Products such as Awlgrip PU have been present on the yacht paint market for over 40 years. Awlgrip PU paints are paints made of the highest quality materials recommended by all sailors. Awlgrip stands for exceptional quality and service. Alwgrip products include: high-quality spray-applied polyurethane topcoats that combine toughness and micro-scratch resistance with repairability. You will find both products for use above the waterline and those for maintenance of elements underwater.

On our website you will find range of Awlgrip products. Such as: yacht fillers, yacht primers and primers, yacht topcoats, yacht varnishes as well as yacht thinners and removers. The most important factor in the overall appearance of a yacht is painting. For customers, these exceptionally high standards of Awlgrip PU paints are appreciated. Making customers willing to choose this brand as trusted.

Paints International – for professionals

Paints International has been helping yacht owners paint their boats professionally for over a century. The company carefully observes the market and provides the right products. International paints do not contain aggressive ingredients. They are quick drying, one component and formulated for use on propellers and stern gears.

On our website you will find International all range of brand products. Anti-fouling yacht paints, International yacht fillers, yacht primers and primers, International topcoats, International yacht lacquers, yacht thinners and removers.

The International brand focuses on maximizing efficiency, saving time and reducing the consumption of raw materials. At the same time maintaining the highest parameters of finish quality, thanks to which Farby International is so eagerly ordered.

Sea-line – a Polish brand with a complete yacht paint system

Sea-line products we supply are used all over the world. The advantage of the brand is a complete system of yacht paints and building materials. They arre useful at every stage of yacht construction and maintenance. Also check the possibilities offered by the yacht paint mixing plant. Thanks to mixing you can compose your custome colors.

Join the yachting enthusiasts and friends of Yachting Troton. Our consultants will support you in choosing the right products. They will also tell you how to maintain and repair damage. Take advantage of our possibilities in the field of composing paint colors. Mixing Yacht Paints is waiting for your unique projects that we will all admire. We are inviting you!

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