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International Yacht primers and primers – a solid foundation for a durable finish

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When renovating or painting a yacht, it is extremely important to use appropriate primers and primers that will ensure a durable and aesthetic surface finish. In this context, the International brand offers a wide range of high-quality products, including primers and yacht foundations. Below are some of them that have gained recognition among sailors around the world.

Best One UP International yacht foundation

The One UP International yacht primer is a technologically advanced product that provides excellent surface preparation before applying the final layer of varnish or paint. This one-component primer is easy to apply and has good adhesion to a variety of materials such as aluminium, steel, wood and laminates. One UP yacht primer perfectly protects against corrosion and creates a smooth surface, ready for further painting.

Pre-Kote International yacht foundation

The Pre-Kote International yacht primer is a specially formulated primer to be used before applying Perfection paint. It is a multi-purpose primer that can be used on a variety of substrates such as wood, laminates, steel and aluminum. Pre-Kote yacht primer provides excellent adhesion of Perfection paint while protecting the surface from moisture and corrosion. It is also easy to apply and creates a smooth surface ready for a final finish.

Perfection Undercoat International yacht undercoat

The Perfection Undercoat International is a high-quality undercoat to be used before applying Perfection paint. This two-component epoxy primer has excellent adhesion and abrasion resistance. It provides permanent protection of the surface against weather conditions and creates an ideal base for the final layer of Perfection paint. Perfection Undercoat is also easy to apply and allows you to achieve a smooth and uniform surface.

Marine TieCoat International Epoxy TieCoat

Epoxy TieCoat International Marine Tie Coat is a specialist product used to provide excellent adhesion between the primer and the final epoxy coat. This two-component epoxy system provides a permanent surface bond and increases resistance to weathering and abrasion. Epoxy TieCoat Marine Tie Coat is often used on gelcoat, wood or steel surfaces for durability and resistance to marine conditions.

VC TAR 2 International marine epoxy primer

The VC TAR 2 International marine epoxy primer is a high quality epoxy primer with excellent adhesion and corrosion resistance. This two-component primer is ideal for use on gelcoat, wood, steel and aluminum substrates. The VC TAR 2 yacht epoxy primer creates a durable and abrasion-resistant coating that protects the surface against the effects of sea water, UV radiation and mechanical damage.

In conclusion, the International brand offers high-quality yacht primers and primers that ensure perfect surface preparation before the final painting. Thanks to their innovation, durability and ease of application, these products have won the trust of sailors around the world. Regardless of the type of surface and material, the International yacht primer or primer provides a solid basis for a durable and aesthetic finish of the yacht.

International yacht paints only for professionals?

Yacht primers  are available for a wide range of users, including both professional sailors and amateurs involved in yacht repair and maintenance. International offers products that are tailored to different skill levels and experience.

The International yacht primers are designed to be easy to apply and can be used by people without specialist education or experience in yacht painting. Application instructions are usually provided with the product, and International also offers technical support to its customers.

In addition, International yacht paints are available in different versions that can be tailored to specific needs and conditions. There are primers designed for different types of surfaces, such as wood, steel, aluminum, laminates, etc. You can also find products with different properties, such as corrosion resistance, ease of application and drying speed.

Therefore, if you are a sailing enthusiast and want to carry out the repair or maintenance of your yacht yourself, International yacht paints may be the right choice. However, we always recommend that you read the manufacturer’s instructions and follow the application and safety recommendations.

For larger or more advanced projects where specialized skills or techniques are required, it is worth consulting

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