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Antifouling paints by International are specially designed coatings that are applied to the bottom of boats and ships. Antifouling paints prevent the accumulation of marine organisms such as barnacles, algae and mollusks. These organisms can increase drag and reduce fuel efficiency, as well as damage the hull over time. The paint contain biocides that help to prevent the growth of these organisms, and are available in a variety of formulations for different types of boats and water conditions. Regular application of antifouling paints is essential for maintaining the performance and longevity of marine vessels.

Antifouling is important for boat owners. First, marine growth can reduce the performance of the boat. Additionally, it can cause damage to the hull. Furthermore, it can increase fuel consumption. Moreover, it can decrease the lifespan of the boat. Therefore, antifouling helps to prevent these issues. It creates a barrier that prevents marine growth. Furthermore, it helps to maintain the speed and performance of the boat. Additionally, it helps to reduce fuel consumption. Lastly, it extends the lifespan of the boat.

International brand offers a range of antifouling products. First, there are self-polishing paints. These products release biocides at a controlled rate. Therefore, they prevent marine growth. Second, there are hard antifoulings .  They create a hard surface that prevents fouling. Third, there are eroding antifouling paints. These products slowly release biocides as they wear away. This helps to maintain a clean hull. Fourth, there are copper-free antifoulings. These are eco-friendly and contain non-toxic biocides. They are suitable for use in environmentally sensitive areas.

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