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Primers Awlgrip

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Primers Awlgrip are highly regarded in the yachting industry for their superior performance. They are specially designed for professional use, delivering excellent results. The advanced technology used in Awlgrip grounds and primers ensures maximum adhesion to substrates. This makes them ideal for use in demanding marine environments. Awlgriop primers and grounds paints are formulated to provide excellent corrosion and osmotic resistance. As well provide protecting the surface below the waterline. They also have excellent filling properties, enabling them to smooth out rough surfaces. Awlgrip coating providing a smooth and even finish. Specific primers dry quickly, reducing the time needed between coats. They also have low VOC emissions, making them environmentally friendly.
Primers come in a range of colors to suit different requirements. Their versatility and durability make them the top choice for professionals in the yachting industry.

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