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Any custom colors!

Thanks to AWLGRIP and International yacht paint mixing plant, we can deliver any custom colors you want.

Are you looking for truly unique colors and effects?

AWLGRIP system allows you to create solid, metallic and pearl colors. Solid finish pays homage to the craftsmanship of perfection, highlighting the high gloss finish that the premium brands Awlgrip and International are able to deliver. Metallic finish gives the painted surface a shiny effect. Created by small metal flakes mixed with the paint. Like a pearl’s sheen, this finish creates changing shades of color in response to changes in light. Giving the surface a delicate pearlescent glow.

We offer 17,000 colors

Choose from thousands of standard colors, delivered quickly and always in the best quality. You can choose a color from a traditional pattern book, and thanks to the MIXIT Cloud application. You can create custom colors and search for the most up-to-date product recipes online.

kolory farb jachtowych.jpg

Yacht paint custom colors mixer

Did you know that the mixer at Troton is the only mixing system by Awlgrip and International Yachting paints in Eastern and Central Europe?

Maybe you have questions for us?

Contact us

Get the support you need to paint with confidence.
We are at your disposal from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 16:00

E-mail: yachting@troton.com.pl
Phone: +48 604 807 476

Yacht paint mixing room – choose a unique color

Are you designing your yacht and looking for original solutions and interesting colors? Bet on unique colors thanks to the use of a yacht paint mixing room. With us you will create a unique look of your boat.

If your current boat has lost its freshness and the sides show signs of abrasion, it is worth facing the task of restoring its pristine appearance. We offer a wide range of colors that you can combine according to your preferences. Take care of your yacht and make it undergo a positive metamorphosis. Check our offer now!

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Yacht paints – for the needs of our customers

Thanks to the AWLGRIP and International yacht paint mixing plant, we can deliver any color of yacht paint you need. Our qualified employees, thanks to their reliable skills, will make you 100% satisfied with our services.

Troton is one of the few companies in Poland that manufactures yacht paints and has a paint mixer for boats. This is our advantage, because we are the only company in Poland that offers such a wide selection. We will create a personalized paint, 100% tailored to your needs.

Yacht paints Troton Jachting – why is it worth choosing our products?
Our company specializes in the production of various yacht paints for the needs of each client. We work in accordance with the standards of SO 9001 and ISO 14001 and TFS. Our paints are designed for luxury yachts. We are specialists in the field of yacht paints, thanks to which we are appreciated by our customers.

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