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Why do we organize trainings for applicators?

Because one of the most important pillars of support for people using our products is the knowledge of the product and the skills of its application. Best support is training for applicators.

Who do we address our varnishing trainings to?

Our program includes two types of training:

The first ones are dedicated primarily to paint users, i.e. shipyard workers, painters and boatbuilders.
The second is addressed to trading companies, as well as technologists and purchasing departments.

What is the subject of the training?

The training covers basic and advanced issues of varnishing techniques and repairs using paints, yacht putties and polishing systems. The program includes AWLGRIP, International and Sea-Line training. In addition to standard thematic training, we offer tailor-made training to particularly demanding customers. In such cases, the training agenda is prepared individually depending on the specific needs of the participants.

What is the purpose of each training?

The purpose of each training is to present the properties of the products and to provide the best practices to avoid paint defects and provide our customers, product users, with a sense of security in using the products we offer. We also help to avoid errors related to the application or preparation of the substrate.

Knowledge of the products will also help in the daily work of purchasing departments and technologists arranging the workflow and selecting products for specific applications.

Where are the trainings held?

The trainings take place in the Troton training center in Gościno near Kołobrzeg. To sum up, the Troton Training Center is an ideal base for carrying out any painting training in comfortable conditions. We have a fully equipped preparation zone, painting zone and a conference room.

Who conducts the training?

A team of Troton technicians, with the support of AWLGRIP and International specialists from Germany, the Netherlands and England, takes care of transferring knowledge at the highest level.

Tools and equipment used during painting training

What guns are used during training?
We provide aggregates and guns from various manufacturers. Participants have the opportunity to work with both SATA and IWATA guns as well as Sames pumps. We use Rupes, Flex and Mirka grinders and polishers.

Health and safety rules and personal protection

During the training, we comply with all health and safety rules and provide each participant with protective clothing. However, we suggest that each painter bring his own mask.



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