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Thinners and Cleaners

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International brand offers a wide range of thinners and cleaners.
Thinners are used to dilute paint and achieve the desired consistency. They can also be used for cleaning equipment after painting. International thinners are specifically formulated to work with International paint products. They are designed to improve the flow of the paint and prevent it from drying too quickly. Thinners can also be used to adjust the drying time of the paint. International offers different types of thinners, such as fast evaporating, slow evaporating, and universal thinners. They are available in different sizes, from small bottles to large drums. International thinners are easy to use and provide high-quality results. They are suitable for both DIY and professional use. It is important to choose the right thinner for the paint system being used. The wrong thinner can affect the performance and appearance of the paint. International thinners are compatible with a wide range of paint systems, including topcoats, primers, and antifouling paints. They are also safe to use and comply with industry standards. International brand offers technical support and advice on how to use thinners correctly. They also provide detailed instructions on product labels and data sheets. International thinners are a reliable and effective solution for achieving a professional finish.

International brand offers a variety of cleaners for different purposes.
Firstly, their general-purpose cleaners are suitable for a wide range of surfaces. Additionally, their heavy-duty cleaners can effectively remove tough stains and dirt.
Their specialty cleaners are designed for specific uses, such as removing rust stains or degreasing surfaces. The brand also offers teak cleaners and brighteners for maintaining the appearance of teak wood. Moreover, their bilge cleaners can effectively clean the interior of boats. The cleaners come in different forms, including sprays, gels, and powders.
They are also available in different sizes to suit various cleaning needs.
The brand’s cleaners are known for their effectiveness and easy application.
Furthermore, they are safe to use and environmentally friendly.
Choosing the right cleaner for the job can ensure a clean and well-maintained surface. With International brand’s range of cleaners, there is a product suitable for every cleaning need.

Explore the full range of cleaners available on our website.

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