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Thinner No 3

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Thinner No 3

Thinner No 3: The Perfect Choice for Antifouling Paints, Bottom Coatings and Special Paints

No3 is a versatile solution designed specifically for antifouling paints (excluding VC® products), bottom coatings, and other special paints. It provides excellent compatibility and performance, ensuring optimal results for your marine projects.

In addition to its primary applications, No.3 is also used as an effective spray-on aid for our one-part varnishes and finishes. Its advanced formulation allows for smooth and efficient application, enhancing the overall quality and durability of your coatings.

Experience the convenience and reliability of No.3 for your antifouling paints, bottom coatings, and special paints. Trust in its superior performance to achieve outstanding results in your marine applications

Versatile Applications of No.3: Antifoulings, Bottom Coatings, Special Paints, and More

Thinner No.3 is a highly versatile solution, perfectly suitable for various applications. It is specifically formulated for use with antifoulings, bottom coatings, and other special paints, delivering exceptional performance and compatibility.

Additionally, No.3 serves as an effective cleaning agent for equipment used in conjunction with the aforementioned products. Its reliable cleaning properties ensure proper maintenance and longevity of your equipment.

Moreover, No.3 plays a crucial role in aiding the spray application process of our premium one-part varnishes. Its specialized formulation facilitates a smooth and efficient application, ensuring a flawless finish.

Discover the broad range of applications for No.3, from antifoulings and bottom coatings to equipment cleaning and spray assistance for one-part varnishes. Trust in its versatility and reliability to achieve outstanding results in your projects


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