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Primer Quick Build Sealer is three – component polyurethane paint for priming new yachts above waterline. Designed for provide fast and easy application. Product available in six basic colours. It can be create for an order in one of 65 available colours.

Quick Build System enable implementation of all process from prepare surface to apply top coat in one day.


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What different Quick Build Sealer from Quick Build Surfacer?

Quick Build SealerQuick Build Surfacer
Recommended to use for new surfaces and old surfaces  looks as newRecommended to use for older surfaces or surfaces for renovation
Perfect to smaller elementsFor large surfaces
1-coat system3-coats system
Doesn`t needs sanding after applicationNeeds sanding after application
It can be use directly for aluminumNecessary to use wash Primer CF before application for aluminum
OU3100 Sealer ConverterOU4200 Surfacer Converter
OA3110 Sealer ActivatorOA4210 Surface Activator
Mixed – volume proportion

Base: hardner: activator

4 : 1 : 1,5

Mixed-volume proportion

Base: hardner: activator

3 : 1 : 0,4


Discover Quick Build,

the high-performance yacht priming system designed for a swift and hassle-free application. With just six colored primers, Quick Build can achieve a close match to any desired finish, significantly reducing the number of stages needed to achieve exceptional results. Please note that not all colored bases are available in the AP region.

Enjoy the convenience of applying

directly to certain substrates without the need for additional primers. This simplifies the process and saves you time and effort. Experience the ease of Quick Build’s application system, allowing you to prepare and apply the primer in a single day. Say goodbye to long waiting times and delays. Witness vibrant colors in just minutes, as Quick Build expertly matches finish colors for quicker hiding of imperfections. Achieve a flawless and professional appearance in no time.

Choose Quick Build for

Efficiency, convenience, and ability to closely match finish colors. Streamline your priming process and achieve outstanding results with this high-performance yacht priming system.

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