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Micron Extra EU

Welcome to International’s Anti-Fouling Paints – Micron Extra EU is your one-stop solution for all types of boats! High-quality multi-season copolymer anti-fouling paints, integrated with Biolux® technology, offer unbeatable protection against fouling. Discover the best anti-fouling solution for your yacht with our comprehensive guide.

Choose the Right Anti-Fouling Paint for Your Yacht:

At International, we understand the importance of keeping your yacht free from fouling, and that’s why we offer a diverse range of top-notch anti-fouling paints. The following tables will help you select the most suitable paint for your needs:

High-Quality Multi-Season Copolymer Anti-Fouling Paint

Product NameKey FeaturesProtection DurationApplication Timeframe
Micron Exrea EU– Ideal for high fouling areas– 24 months– Apply 12 months prior to launch
– Triple-layer application for longevity
– Biolux® technology for lasting protection

Key Benefits of International Anti-Fouling Paints

Multi-season protectionInternational’s anti-fouling paints ensure long-lasting defense
Suitable for all types of boatsWhether you have a yacht, sailboat, or powerboat, we’ve got you covered
Biolux® technologyExperience superior protection with our Biolux® technology
Easy applicationApplying anti-fouling paint is simple and efficient
Environmentally friendlyPaints comply with all environmental regulations in EU


Don’t let fouling ruin your sailing experience! Choose Micron Extra high-quality multi-season copolymer anti-fouling paints with Biolux® technology for unbeatable protection. Our paints offer 24 months of defense and can be conveniently applied 12 months before launching. Keep your yacht in top condition and enjoy a smooth sailing experience with International Anti-Fouling Paints.


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