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International topcoats are indeed the perfect tool for any sailor, both professional and amateur.

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All International topcoats are indeed the perfect tool for any sailor, both professional and amateur. The company that produces International paints has been specializing in the production of high-quality paints and coatings for sailing applications for many years, enjoying recognition among sailors around the world. Here are some reasons why International topcoats are so appreciated:

Strength and durability

Finishing paints International are designed to provide a durable and hard-wearing yacht finish. They are resistant to abrasion, sea water, UV radiation and other weather conditions. Thanks to this, the surface of the yacht remains protected and aesthetic for many years, even in difficult sailing conditions.

Protection against sediment and algae

Topcoats have anti-fouling properties that prevent algae, marine organisms and other contaminants from settling on the yacht’s hull. As a result, they reduce hydrodynamic resistance and improve the yacht’s efficiency, which is important both when sailing on inland waters and on the open sea.

Adaptation to various surfaces

International topcoats are available in different versions to match the type of surface, such as gelcoat, wood, steel, aluminum or laminates. Specialized products are offered that take into account the specificity of each material, ensuring optimal adhesion and durability of the coating.

Ease of application

Yachting paints  are user friendly and easy to apply. They have a good consistency that facilitates spreading and even coverage of the surface. The manufacturer’s instructions are usually detailed and helpful, enabling sailors to paint the yacht without any problems.

A wide selection of products

International offers a wide selection of topcoats that can be tailored to individual preferences and needs. We offer antifouling paints, gelcoat paints, hull paints and paints for decks and coverings. This allows every sailor to find the right solution for his yacht and specific requirements.

Brand International topcoats are a great tool for boaters because they provide a durable finish, protection against scale and algae, ease of application and a wide range of products. Using high-quality topcoats helps keep your yacht in tip-top condition, providing both protection and aesthetics on inland and offshore waters.

Topcoats, such as Perfection International yacht topcoat, Perfection PRO yacht topcoat, Toplack Plus International yacht silicone alkyd coating, Interdeck International non-slip yacht paint and Danboline International bilge and locker paint are reliable products dedicated to painting and protection of various elements of the yacht. Here is a brief description of each of these products:


Perfection International yacht topcoat

It is a high-quality topcoat that provides a durable, smooth and aesthetic finish to the yacht’s hull. Paint is characterized by high resistance to abrasion, UV radiation and sea water. Available in a wide range of colors and easy to apply.

Perfection PRO yacht topcoat

PRO is improved version of Perfection paint, offering even higher quality and durability. It has excellent scratch, chemical and UV resistance. Provides an exceptionally smooth and shiny finish to the yacht, giving it a professional look.

Toplack Plus International silicone-alkyd yacht coating

This coating is characterized by excellent durability and flexibility. It is resistant to mechanical damage, weather conditions and UV radiation. Thanks to its silicone-alkyd formula, it provides an exceptionally smooth and durable surface.

Interdeck International anti-slip yacht paint

It is a topcoat with anti-slip properties, ideal for yacht decks. Has exceptional adhesion and protects against slipping on wet surfaces. Available in various colors and creates a durable, abrasion-resistant and UV-resistant coating.


Danboline International bilge and glove paint

Product is a specially developed paint for painting the interior of the yacht, such as teeth and lockers. It provides a durable, smooth finish and is abrasion resistant and easy to clean. It is available in various colors, allowing you to adjust it to your aesthetic preferences.

All International topcoats are valued by sailors for their high quality, durability, ease of application and wide range of products. They provide protection, aesthetics and professional appearance of the yacht, both on external surfaces and inside. By using these specialist paints, boaters can enjoy the long-lasting beauty and protection of their yacht.


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