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What is the difference between yacht paint thinners and ordinary solvents?

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As you know, thinners and removers are inseparable elements of the yacht maintenance and care process. The International brand offers high-quality yacht thinners and removers that are irreplaceable in the maintenance and renewal of yacht surfaces. In this article, we will discuss three popular products of this brand: No. 1 International Marine Thinner, No. 1 Marine Thinner. 9 International and 600 Wipe Down Solvent International Marine Cleaner.

No. 1 International yacht thinner

A versatile and effective thinner that is used in a variety of yacht related activities. It is ideal for diluting paints, varnishes and adhesives, which facilitates their application and adaptation to specific needs. It can also be used to remove dirt and stains from various yacht surfaces. No. 1 International yacht thinner is easy to use and provides fast and effective results.

Yacht Thinner No. 9 International

A specialized product that has been developed for diluting one-component varnishes, epoxy resins and synthetic adhesives. It is extremely effective in removing dirt, grease and oil from the surface, ensuring perfect preparation of the substrate before applying new coatings. Yacht Thinner No. 9 International also has refreshing properties, leaving the surface clean and ready for further action.

Yacht cleaner 600 Wipe Down Solvent International

The product is intended for the final cleaning of the surface before the application of paints and varnishes. This remover removes the last contaminants such as dust, grease and other contaminants that could affect the quality and appearance of the final finish. It is safe to use on a variety of yacht surfaces such as laminates, metal or wood and leaves a clean and prepared surface.

There are many advantages to using International yacht thinners and removers. First of all, these products ensure optimal preparation of the substrate, which translates into better adhesion and durability of the applied coatings. Removing dirt and grease from yacht surfaces allows you to avoid problems with the adhesion of paints and varnishes, which translates into an aesthetic appearance and durability of the final effect. In addition, International thinners and removers are easy to use and provide fast results.

It is important to use the correct thinners and removers for specific applications, as recommended by the manufacturer. Each product has its own unique properties and application, so it is worth getting acquainted with the instructions and recommendations for their use.

International yacht thinners and removers are a reliable tool in yacht maintenance and care. They offer easy and effective removal of impurities, preparation of the substrate and final cleaning of the surface before the application of paints and varnishes. Their use translates into a durable and aesthetic finish of the yacht, which makes them irreplaceable for every sailor.

What is the difference between yacht paint thinners and ordinary solvents?

Marine solvents differ from ordinary solvents mainly due to their specific properties. Chemical composition

Yacht solvents have been specially developed for yachting needs, so they have a specially selected chemical composition. They contain substances that are safe for yacht surfaces and do not cause damage or corrosion. Ordinary solvents may contain more aggressive ingredients that can damage yacht surfaces such as laminates, paints, varnishes and metal components.


Marine solvents are generally more user and environmentally friendly. They are often free of toxic substances such as benzene or chlorinated solvents that can be harmful to health and the environment. Ordinary solvents may contain these substances or other hazardous ingredients that require careful handling and appropriate personal protective equipment.

Specialized use

Marine solvents are designed for specific yachting applications. They have cleansing, dissolving and removing contaminants typical of yacht surfaces, such as greases, oils, dirt, stains, etc. They are also often used to dilute and clean paints, varnishes and adhesives used on yachts. Ordinary solvents may not be suited to the special requirements of yacht surfaces and may not produce as effective results.


Marine solvents are carefully formulated to leave no marks or shadows on yacht surfaces. They tend to dry streak-free and leave surfaces clean and ready for further activities such as painting or varnish application. Ordinary solvents may leave streaks, streaks or marks

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