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During the renovation or maintenance of the yacht, it is extremely important to use high-quality materials that will ensure durability and aesthetic finish. In this context, International yacht fillers are one of the most renowned products on the market. International is a valued brand specializing in the production and delivery of innovative solutions for the sailing industry. Their yacht fillers, such as Watertite International Marine Filler, Interfill 830 International Marine Filler and Interfill 833 International Marine Filler, have won the recognition of many boaters around the world.

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Watertite International yacht Filler


Watertite International yacht filler is a high-quality and extremely flexible material for yacht filler. Provides a durable and watertight surface that protects against moisture ingress and corrosion. It is perfect for filling cavities, irregularities and for sealing joints between various elements of the yacht. After applying Watertite Filler, the surface can be further painted or covered with other protective layers.


Interfill 830 International marine filler


Interfill 830 International is a technologically advanced filler material that is exceptionally easy to apply and has excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates. It is ideal for filling larger cavities and irregularities on yacht surfaces, such as hull, deck or superstructure. Interfill 830 creates a smooth and durable surface that can be easily sanded and prepared for further painting or coating.


Interfill 833 International marine filler


Interfill 833 International is a very high performance professional filler that is ideal for larger yacht repair jobs. Thanks to its special formulation, Interfill 833 is easy to apply and provides excellent sanding properties. Perfectly fills cavities, irregularities and ensures exceptional smoothness of the surface. After applying Interfill 833, a perfectly finished surface can be obtained, ready for painting or coating.


All listed International yacht fillers are part of the wide range of products that the company offers for the yachting industry. They are characterized not only by excellent quality and durability, but also by innovative technological solutions that enable easy and effective work during the repair and maintenance of yachts.


It is worth noting that International is a reputable brand that has been trusted by sailors around the world for years. Its products are widely used by both professionals and amateurs of sailing. Thanks to the use of International yacht fillers, you can be sure that the yacht will be properly protected and aesthetically finished, which translates into long-term protection and user satisfaction.


All in all, International yacht fillers such as Watertite International Marine Filler, Interfill 830 International Marine Filler and Interfill 833 International Marine Filler are reliable partners for yacht refurbishment and maintenance. Thanks to their high quality and innovative solutions, sailors can enjoy a durable, aesthetic and professional end result.


International Fillers have a good reputation and are considered universal

Excellent quality

International Fillers are manufactured with the utmost care for quality and meet the highest industry standards. International has a long history and experience in the production of materials for the marine industry, which translates into the reliability and durability of their products.

A wide range of applications

International Fillers are designed to meet a variety of yacht repair and maintenance needs. They can be used to fill cavities, irregularities, seal joints and prepare the surface for further painting or coating. Thanks to this, they are universal and can be used on various elements of the yacht, such as the hull, deck or superstructure.

Ease of application

International Fillers are easy to apply, which facilitates the work of both professionals and amateurs. They have a good consistency that allows for even distribution and filling of cavities. In addition, these Fillers have self-leveling properties or are easy to sand, which makes it easier to achieve a smooth and perfectly finished surface.

Efficiency and savings

International Fillers are highly efficient, which means that a small amount of product is enough to cover larger areas. Thanks to this, you can save on the amount of materials used, which translates into financial benefits.

Durability and resistance

International fillers are weather resistant, including moisture, UV and corrosion resistance. They create durable and damage-resistant surfaces that it will maintain

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