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Anticratering Agent Crater X

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Anticratering Agent Crater X

Crater-X is an exceptional anti-cratering additive specifically formulated to enhance the surface tension of Awlgrip and Awlcraft 2000 coatings, improving flow and leveling for a flawlessly smooth finish. This additive is designed for use with finishes only, providing outstanding performance and superior results.

Key Benefits:

  1. Prevents Cratering, Crawling, and Fisheye Defects: Crater-X effectively prevents common surface defects such as cratering, crawling, and fisheyes, ensuring a pristine and professional finish.
  2. Counteracts Minor Surface Contamination: This advanced additive counteracts minor surface contamination, enabling the coating to flow smoothly and evenly across the substrate.
  3. Designed for Awlgrip Topcoat and Awlcraft 2000: Crater-X is specifically developed for use with Awlgrip Topcoat and Awlcraft 2000, ensuring compatibility and maximizing the effectiveness of the additive.

Experience the power of Crater-X to achieve flawless finishes. Elevate your projects with this anti-cratering additive, trusted to deliver outstanding results and eliminate surface imperfections. Enjoy a smooth and impeccable finish with ease.

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