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Awlgrip Flattering Agent

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Awlgrip Flattering Agent

Achieve Stunning Flat or Semi-Gloss Finishes with Awlgrip

Awlgrip Flattening Agent is a premium solution designed to be used with Awlgrip Topcoat and Awlcraft 2000 to achieve a desired flat or semi-gloss finish. Recently reformulated for enhanced stability, this product offers superior performance and consistent results.

Key Features:

  1. Perfect for Interior Application: Awlgrip Flattening Agent is ideal for interior applications where a flat or semi-gloss finish is desired, providing a smooth and elegant appearance.
  2. Optimal Usage Temperature: Recommended for use at 20°C/68°F or higher, ensuring optimal performance and proper application of the flattening agent.
  3. Designed for Spray Application: Tailored for application by spray, Awlgrip Flattening Agent guarantees even coverage and a seamless finish, delivering professional-quality results.

Achieve stunning flat or semi-gloss finishes with Awlgrip Flattening Agent. Experience the versatility and exceptional performance of this product when combined with Awlgrip Topcoat and Awlcraft 2000. Elevate your interior projects with the perfect finish.

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