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AWLCRAFT 3000 Clear Coat

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AWLCRAFT 3000 Clear Coat

Looking for high-quality polyurethane clear coat? Look no further than Awlcraft 3000 Clear Coat. This top-tier two-component solution offers a transparent, high-gloss finish that’s both durable and easy to apply.

Key Features of Awlcraft 3000 Clear Coat :


Basecoat application

Information on preparation for basecoat application can be found in the Awlcraft SE TDS.
Clear coat should be applied over the Awlcraft SE basecoat. The surface of the Awlcraft SE basecoat should be kept clean at all times before applying Awlcraft 3000.

Application of clear varnish

During applying clearcoat on Awlcraft SE base, use the Awlcraft SE TDS card.

Finally applying clearcoat to Awlcraft 2000 and 3000 bases, sand with P400 to remove the gloss and clean with Surface Cleaner T0170 (US/AP) or T0340 (EU) using the two-wipe method.
Before use, the product must be thoroughly mixed with the hardener in specified proportions. Avoid painting in direct sunlight. The ambient temperature should be a minimum of 13°C and a maximum of 41°C. Under standard conditions (25˚C, 50% R.H.), topcoating should be avoided when the temperature may drop below the dew point within 6-8 hours after application.



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