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Company International: Excellent quality paints, fillers, thinners and yacht lacquers

International is a renowned manufacturer of high-quality paints, putties, thinners and yacht lacquers. It has been creating specialized products for the maritime industry for many years, gaining the trust of both professionals and sailing enthusiasts around the world. The company is famous for the excellent quality of its products and innovative solutions that help preserve and protect the beauty of yachts at sea.

International yacht paints

International yacht paints are extremely popular with yacht owners as they provide lasting protection against harmful weather elements such as UV rays, sea salt, water and changing weather conditions. These products are formulated to provide maximum durability and abrasion resistance to ensure the long-lasting appearance and protection of your yacht. The paints are available in a wide range of colors, allowing yacht owners to choose the shade that suits them best.

Offered by International

There are also high-quality yacht putties. These putties are extremely important in the process of repairing and preparing the surface of the yacht before applying paint. Thanks to precise workmanship and durable properties, yacht fillers allow you to obtain a perfectly smooth surface, eliminating any unevenness and damage. This allows yacht paints to be applied evenly, providing a beautiful appearance and protection against corrosion.

International also offers yacht thinners, which are necessary for the proper thinning of paints, varnishes and putties. International thinners are carefully formulated to ensure optimal consistency and application properties of the company’s products. Without proper dilution of paint and varnish, they can not only be more difficult to apply, but also not provide the expected results. Yacht thinners guarantee that the products will have the right consistency and ensure the best possible final results.

Yacht varnishes are another key element of the company’s offer. These paints are formulated to give yachts an exceptional finish, enhancing their beauty and providing long-term protection. Yacht owners can choose from different types of varnishes, such as oil-based varnishes, polyurethane varnishes or acrylic varnishes, matching them to their individual preferences and requirements. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer of International products.

Professional technical support

International is also famous for the professional technical support it offers to its customers. The company’s team of experts is ready to advise you on the right choice of products, application techniques and troubleshooting. Thanks to this, when using International products, customers receive comprehensive and professional assistance at every stage.

A reliable partner for all sailing enthusiasts

The conclusion is that International is a reliable partner for all sailing enthusiasts and professionals in the maritime industry. Their paints, putties, thinners and yacht varnishes are synonymous with the highest quality, durability and perfect appearance. Whether you are a yacht owner or a professional yacht maintenance specialist, you can trust International to ensure that your vessel will always be in top condition and looking beautiful at sea. Visit the manufacturer’s website.

Farby jachtowe International

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