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Marlinda Superyacht’s Stunning Refurbishment with HDT Awlgrip

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Transforming Luxury: Marlinda Superyacht’s Stunning Refurbishment with HDT Awlgrip

Discover the breathtaking transformation of the luxury superyacht Marlinda, a 40-meter vessel, through an awe-inspiring renovation using AWLGRIP HDT products. Witness the remarkable improvements that have left even the most discerning observers in awe.

Depth and Brilliance Unleashed:

Under the skillful hands of Kevin Kramer, Marlinda’s Project Manager, a two-step color change system using a tinted base and HDT Awlgrip lacquer was employed. The result was an exceptional depth and increased gloss that breathed new life into the yacht’s appearance.

Bland to Gleaming: Reviving the Red Stripe:

The once lackluster red stripe on the boots of Marlinda now shines as a stunning complement to the vibrant blue hull. The visual impact is undeniable, turning heads wherever the superyacht sails.

Exceeding Expectations: A Masterpiece in Appearance:

The primary goal of the renovation was to address premature fading of darker colors. With AWLGRIP HDT, the team achieved more than they had hoped for. The coating’s appearance surpassed expectations with minimal orange peel, elevated gloss levels, and a flawless surface free from micro-scratches.

A Timeless Beauty:

Built in 1989 by Delta Marine at the Seattle shipyard, Marlinda approaches its 30th birthday with a fresh and youthful appearance, thanks to the magic of HDT lacquer.

Unwavering Reliability of Awlgrip:

Diamond Painting, the renowned refurbishment experts behind this stunning project. They have been loyal patrons of Awlgrip products for nearly three decades. With each project, they have delivered exceptional results, satisfying their customers beyond measure.

Glossy Marvels:

The allure of Awlgrip products lies not only in their reliability. Also in the magnificent glossy effect they impart, especially on darker colors, elevating the aesthetics to unparalleled heights.


The success of Marlinda’s refurbishment with HDT Awlgrip serves as a testament to the remarkable capabilities of these products. Witness the luxury superyacht’s timeless beauty and experience the brilliance that has captivated all who have witnessed this stunning transformation.



Photos and text courtesy of Akzo Nobel.

Source https://www.awlgrip.com/cases

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