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Reducer T0005 Hot Weather

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Reducer T0005 Hot Weather

T0005 Hot-Weather reducer (thinner) recommended to use with Awlgrip finishes between 32-41°C.

T0005 is most often used as an additive, blended with other spray reducers to improve flow. This thinner is seldom the sole reducer. At lower temperatures (below  32°C) can be blended at any ratio with other Awlgrip topcoat reducers to improve flow with those products or increase the evaporation rate of reducer. T0005 has a very slow evaporation rate; using T0005 at temperatures below 24°C may result in very long dry and tape times.
VOC: 975 g/lt or 8.1 lbs/gallon

Warning: Large amounts of T005 in flat or semi-gloss products may result in higher gloss levels. Use care when adding T005 to these products.


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