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High-Performance Two-Pack Primer/Undercoat for Durable Protection Interprotect:

Interprotect is your go-to high-performance two-pack primer/undercoat, meticulously formulated for exceptional results on polyester, vinylester, epoxy, steel, aluminium, ferro cement, and timber hulls, both above and below the waterline. Good to know, Interprotect is an epoxy polyamide primer that allows for easy re-coating within six months, along with quick drying and easy sanding features, ensuring efficient application and top-notch abrasion resistance.


Versatile Compatibility. Primer is designed to excel on various hull materials, including polyester, vinylester, epoxy, steel, aluminium, ferro cement, and timber, offering comprehensive protection for both interior and exterior surfaces.

Extended Recoating Window. This epoxy polyamide primer allows for re-coating with itself for up to six months, making it a flexible choice for longer projects or touch-ups.

Quick Drying. Interprotect boasts rapid drying properties, reducing application time and accelerating project completion.

Easy Sanding.  Achieve a smooth surface effortlessly with Interprotect’s easy sanding capabilities, ensuring a flawless finish.

Outstanding Abrasion Resistance. Count on Interprotect to deliver excellent abrasion resistance, safeguarding your hull against wear and tear.


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