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Filler Awlfair SF

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Filler Awlfair SF

High-Performance Sprayable Filler Awlfair SF

Discover the cutting-edge filler technology from Awlgrip with filler Awlfair SF. As the latest addition to the Awlgrip brand, Awlfair SF delivers exceptional operational performance while introducing a unique application method—pressurized airless spray. This innovative feature sets Awlfair SF apart, making it the ultimate choice for fairing, leveling, and smoothing surface imperfections caused by gouges, pitting, dents, or weld seams.

Experience the Advantages :

  1. Wet on Wet Application: Save time and boost productivity with SF’s wet on wet application. With the capability of applying up to 2 coats per day, you can achieve rapid progress without compromising quality.
  2. Spray Application for Air Entrapment Elimination: Say goodbye to air entrapment issues. SF’s spray application method ensures a flawless finish by effectively eliminating air bubbles or pockets, resulting in a pristine surface.
  3. No Sanding Between Coats: Streamline your workflow with SF. This advanced filler eliminates the need for sanding between coats, allowing for a smoother and more efficient application process.

Opt for Awlfair SF today to experience the pinnacle of high-performance sprayable fillers. Enjoy its wet on wet application, air entrapment-free results, and the convenience of skipping sanding between coats. Elevate your fairing and leveling projects with SF.

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