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Gelshield 200

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Gelshield 200

Quick-Drying Epoxy Primer for Osmosis Protection on GRP Gelshield 200

Gelshield 200 is your ultimate solution for protecting GRP against osmosis. This quick-drying and easy-to-apply epoxy primer offer exceptional performance, even in colder temperatures as low as 5°C. With its fast-drying properties, you can apply multiple coats in one day, ensuring efficient application. Achieve optimal osmosis protection with just five coats (250 µm) of Gelshield 200, providing peace of mind and a reliable shield against osmosis damage.

Key Features:

  1. Osmosis Protection. Specifically formulated to safeguard GRP against osmosis, preventing potential damage.
  2. Low-Temperature Application. You can confidently use this primer even in colder conditions as low as 5°C, ensuring year-round application flexibility.
  3. Fast Dry Times. With quick-drying capabilities allows for the application of multiple coats in a single day, expediting the process.
  4. Easy Application. The user-friendly nature makes application hassle-free, reducing time and effort.

Trust Gelshield 200 to provide unbeatable osmosis protection for your GRP surfaces. Its quick-drying nature, easy application, and ability to withstand lower temperatures ensure a reliable and efficient primer for your marine projects.

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