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Epoxy Primer Interprime 820

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Epoxy Primer Interprime 820

High-Performance 2-Component Epoxy Primer for Superior Protection Interprime 820

The primer  is a top-tier 2-component epoxy primer renowned for its exceptional performance. Engineered with inert pigments, extenders, and potent anti-corrosive properties, it is well-suited for application on various substrates both above and below water.

Key Features:

Superior Anti-Corrosive Protection. 820 offers excellent anti-corrosive protection, safeguarding surfaces from the damaging effects of moisture and environmental elements.

Easy to Sand. This epoxy primer is easy to sand, streamlining the preparation process for a smooth and flawless finish.

Dual Colors for Identification. With two distinct colors, 820 facilitates easy identification for seamless application of overcoats, ensuring a hassle-free painting experience.



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